STOGs are for Lovers

Errr… What’s a STOG?

Mommy, where do STOGs come from?

Well, dear, it was last spring and brandy and Peter were in the midst of an email exchange where they were plotting world domination with the use of maple syrup and Anne Murray music.

At some point, the conversation veered to couples blogs and how unfair they were to single people.

Then someone started talking about maple syrup slathered sexily over Anne Murray (it was probably brandy) and things went downhill.  Quickly.

But eventually an idea was hatched for a STOG.  A short term blog.

Plans were made hastily and, within a week or so, the first ever STOG was created.

The Canadians chose “not a couple” as the title because they are not a couple.  And because “we have a long-simmering hatred towards one another” seemed to lack oomph.

Because of the runaway success (that’s when people flee from something, right?) of “not a couple,” the lovely and effervescent Ben, along with some dude Peter doesn’t know, took it up a notch with “We are Cosmo.”

And, most recently, the STOG paradigm was kicked in the jiggers when FIVE bloggers joined forces for Park Manor — a brilliant fiction STOG.

It is the hope of all STOGgers (or at least the one who was conned into writing this “About” section) that more bloggers begin STOGging.

So do it.


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